Suddenly 30 – why you should celebrate your birthday in Vietnam

By Tegan Forder

My 30th was fast-approaching but I didn’t want a big bash. With my friends scattered across Australia it was all too hard and anyway I wanted to use it as an excuse to go on holiday.

So I decided to finally do two things I’d never done before:

  1. Visit a South-East Asian country.
  2. Stay in a resort, sit by the pool and drink cocktails.

I settled on Vietnam with some ridiculously cheap return airfares sealing the deal.

With only 10 days of leave up our sleeve, my boyfriend and I didn’t fancy spending the whole time rushing from one tourist destination to the next. Instead we chose to mix some city and beach experiences with stays in Ho Chi Minh and Hoi An.

This is how we managed our relaxing – and sometimes luxurious jaunt – to Vietnam.

Tegan and her boyfriend Brendan cycling around some Vietnamese rice fields near Hoi An.

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