Crocodile Dun-Feed (Australia)

By Lauren Novak 

A dark figure slowly approaches the boat, attracted by the ripples sent out from a bundle of meat dangling in the murky river water. Feeder Wendy taps the meat – a bunch of pig skull portions, complete with eyeballs – on the surface as a large crocodile homes in on the afternoon snack. Then, all of a sudden, it’s gone – slipping underwater, only to reappear seconds later, right underneath the dangling morsel.

Using a muscular tail, the rogue male croc begins to rise out of the water, reaching for his reward. But Wendy’s on to him, lifting it just out of reach to coax him further above the surface until – chomp – mission accomplished.

A hungry crocodile closes in on his feed.
A hungry crocodile closes in on his feed.

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