New York for next to nix (United States of America)

By Tegan Forder

Ideally when visiting New York City one would like to have enough money to swan around pretending to be one of the Sex and the City characters. But in reality we’re unlikely to have the type of money to stay in the heart of Manhattan and spend every night drinking cocktails in a hip down town bar.

For me, my eight-day visit to New York City was scheduled in the middle of a five-week holiday to the USA and Canada, so the pennies had to be counted.


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A room without a view, and other ways to save in Scandinavia

By Callie Watson 

Tell people you’re going to Scandinavia and there’s one response that comes up repeatedly, “that’s a very expensive place.”

I heard this many times when I excitedly spoke about our plan to spend almost two weeks in Sweden and Denmark. My boyfriend and I knew we were en-route to a pricey tourist destination and tried to do as much as we could – both before we left and when we arrived – to make sure we didn’t burn through our money too quickly. It can be a fine line between not missing out on things and having enough cash to see you through.

Here’s some tips to make your dosh last as long as possible. Best of all, they don’t just apply to the stunning northern European cities of Copenhagen and Stockholm, where we spent the bulk of our time. Use them anywhere and you can go from affluent to affordable in a Scandinavian second.

Callie and her boyfriend, Paul Bryson, exploring the colourful wonderland of Stockholm.
Callie and her boyfriend, Paul Bryson, exploring the colourful wonderland of Stockholm.

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Budgeting is not a dirty word

By Hannah Silverman

If I had a foreign dollar every time someone told me their holiday plans were shattered because of money issues, I’d have a chateau in the south of France. Or a private jet. In any case, I’d be one rich traveller.

But a little thing like money doesn’t have to get in the way of your dream holiday. Tammy May, director of Australian personal budgeting company MyBudget, helps us identify the biggest mistakes travellers make in the finance department. You’ll be surprised, smart planning can actually make the impossible holiday a very real possibility… and perhaps sooner than you think.

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