Hi, I’m Hannah, it’s wonderful to meet you…

It’s no coincidence that when Dorothy fell into Munchkin Land, the sepia-toned world she knew transformed into a technicolour utopia. That MGM was onto something. Isn’t that how we all feel every time we land in a new city? For me, the world just gets that tiny bit brighter.

Welcome to Not in Kansas Anymore, a blog for people who, like you and me, share the excitement of travel in pursuit of fun, culture and historic adventures.

That’s Stonehenge in the background of one of my most fun days out.

After spending more than six years as a daily newspaper journalist in Adelaide, Australia, and all my annual leave and holiday pay on overseas travel, I booked a one way ticket to do The London Thing. I’ve now been in this gorgeous city for more than three years and I’m not going anywhere. So far my claims to fame include being introduced to His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and almost performing in a flash mob outside a Leicester Square film premiere. I’ve also won three out of four London pub quizzes (slightly less interesting fact).

Oh it’s a mandatory pic, but it has to be done. Especially with one of your all time besties.

As a dual Australian/British citizen holder (thanks Dad!) I currently work in PR in the wine industry where from time to time I’m required to taste my way through exquisite Australian wines and travel throughout the UK and Europe. I would say it’s a daily grind, but I’d be lying.

Altogether I’ve visited almost 30 countries and have sent postcards from African lion parks, European palaces and haunted castles, American skyscrapers, Asian jungles, Middle Eastern deserts, English heritage sites of mystery and intrigue and beaches that have yet to be named. I’ve toasted flutes in Champagne cellars and clinked steins in (several) German beer halls. I’ve made friends all around the world.

There’s a bit of pose action going on there, but look at the colour of that water! How I adore Koh Samui.

I’m passionate about travel, history – mainly the 15th and 16th centuries, writing, food and wine, dancing, theatre, animals, beaches, theme parties and general global shenanigans. It’s inevitable these will creep into my itineraries and you can expect some sparkling entries that toy with all of the above.

One of my absolute travelling highlights. Volunteering at a lion park in South Africa.

The Wizard of Oz is the perfect, personal anecdote to my travels. As well as being the theme of my 6th birthday party where Mum literally hand painted yellow bricks and snaked a path around my backyard, it’s all about the adventures away from home. I hope my journey inspires you to embrace the beauty and wonder in travel, too, and that you continue to explore in style. After all, travelling requires brains, heart and courage… and a gorgeous pair of shoes.

Hannah Dorothy 2
That’s all six years of me. Would you believe Mum made everything in that picture? (Except the house and furniture).

I’d love to hear from you, too. Perhaps you’d like to collaborate, or maybe you’d just like to say ‘hi’. Either way, you can get in touch via Twitter @NotinKansasTrvl or the old fashioned way, email, notinkansastravel@live.com.