Vote for Not in Kansas Anymore!

By Hannah Silverman

This post is so exciting its headline gets an exclamation point. Yes, I can break the style rules to announce Not in Kansas Anymore has been nominated for two categories in the UK Blog Awards!


If you think this little blog is full of sass and silliness, with some cool content and some interesting imagery I would love for you to make your vote count. It’s such a simple process, all they want is your name and email and you’re done. Well, then you need to do it again for the other category, but you’ll be a pro by then.

Category #1: Arts and Culture.

Category #2: Travel.

Then, I promise to thank you in personalised cloud writing. I also promise to stop making promises I can’t keep after this one.

Suffice to say, it would mean a lot.

There are some amazing blogs also nominated within these categories but I’m very chuffed to be amongst them. The exposure alone is fantastic. If you’re a fellow nominee, congrats to you and good luck. Now I’d like to cash my good karma in for some accolades please…

Thanks travellers and I hope you continue to enjoy Not in Kansas Anymore and travel safely in style.



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