10 things I don’t know about New York (United States ofAmerica)

By Hannah Silverman

A handsome man with sparkling blue eyes and an occasional fedora once declared “it’s up to you New York”, which, when you think about it, is mounting a lot of pressure on just one destination.

It doesn’t stop there either. New York would have to be one of the most overly nicknamed cities. I mean, it’s both a large fruit AND a city of dreams and if you play around on Google it’s branded the ‘centre of the universe’. Evidently New York is so many things to so many people it’s no wonder the city doesn’t have any time to sleep.

With all the Hollywood spotlights on New York it’s hard to imagine not having visited. I could write a book about all the things I know about New York, except for one small factor. I’ve never been to New York. Which kind of creates a problem for accuracy and ethics. But that’s all about to change.

New York: It’s up to you, apparently. Show me what you’re made of.

I’ve got my ticket to JFK Airport in my hot little inbox as I prepare to set foot on the US of A for the first time. I’m very proud and fortunate to say my travelling experiences are vast and diverse, but this is one city I’m yet to leave my footprint.

Today I present a travelling blog in reverse. This is what I think I know about New York. When I return I’ll let you know how spot on I was… or not.

Statue of Liberty
Even the Statue of Lib is fist pumping the city’s awesomeness.

What I imagine New York is like:

1. The movies, of course. My itinerary will start with breakfast at Tiffany’s followed by some Gatsby-esque pool party and a casual sighting of a giant gorilla atop the Empire State Building. Because. Hollywood.

2. If not the movies, at least the TV. And by TV I mean the quintessential New York programmes filled with sex, cities, friends and gossip.

3. Everybody will say “like”, like a thousand times. Like.

4. New York is the capital of the world’s fattest country. The women are among the world’s thinnest. That’s something to ponder. Now pass me that bagel and hide the scales. In other words, delicious food, fast.

5. Men and sex, on tap. I dated a New York man once. He didn’t earn the title of gentleman as he was arroguant, opiniated and, you know, a liar. But he was a fireman so I forgave him. Obviously all New York men are the same and will definitely know how to turn on the charm.

6. Yellow cabs and construction will be everywhere. Most of the unedited photos I’ve seen of someone who has visited New York capture one or both of these sights. There will just be non-stop activity.

7. Staff will offer absolutely amazing service because we’re obligated to tip, something quite foreign to an Australian. I want an extra smile with my fries, thank you.

8. Most of the things I know about New York I learnt from Sex and the City. Brunch is the new breakfast, cosmos are drunk at lunch by professional women with 9-to-5 careers and there’s a new club opening every night. But the most important lesson, New Yorkers don’t wear scrunchies! New York will be all of the above.

9. Celebrity spotting will be a regular occurrence. It’s America after all.

10. Finally, the realisation that New York might just be the greatest city in the world. Maybe it’s the hype, maybe I should blame Frank Sinatra, but I’ve got high hopes for this city. After all, it’s up to you.

Tell me, what are your New York highlights?


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