PJs will put you to sleeeep

By Hannah Silverman

One of the things that strikes me as odd about London is the lack of gorgeous sleep wear in its plethora of gorgeous stores. Weird, I know. Back in Australia I had drawers buckling at the hinges full of Peter Alexander slinky nighties, PJs and (stylish) moo-moos. Naturally, I expected to be blown away by a shopping mecca like London. Perhaps I should have known better than to think that a city that never sleeps needs sleepwear! Alas, heavily disappointed Hannah sulked all the way home for some online shopping and that was that.

While my British drawers have now been rectified and are vibrantly filled with PA once more, my obsession with the Australian Pajama King continues. Do I really need another pair of PJ bottoms? You bet your right bed sock I do. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered the latest collection is a reinvention of his too-relevant-not-to-share Wizard of Oz collection.


The new range is part of PA’s ‘Movie Night’ theme, which also includes Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Harry Potter and Star Wars. (Obviously, I think the Wizard of Oz is the standout). (Not biased). (Also don’t work for Peter Alexander).

Besides being utterly and fabulously relevant to our blog, the Wizard of Oz collection will brighten up your holiday bed time. You might not get a lot of sleep while you travel, but you are going to look fantastic, and hey, hotel rooms are public places making a new sleep outfit a justifiable investment.

Here are my picks from Peter’s latest collection and your future wardrobe.

Check out www.peteralexander.com.au for the complete range or visit his stores nationwide in Australia and, of course, online.

$49.95 AUD. Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers. (I’ve had a pair of these for years and have been tempted to wear them out many, many times).
$59.95 AUD. Wizard of Oz All Four Tee.
$59.95 AUD. Blue Check Poppy Pant.
$39.95 AUD. Wizard of Oz Gingham Minishort.
$129.00 AUD. Wizard of Oz Sleep Tee.



2 thoughts on “PJs will put you to sleeeep

  1. Hi Amy,

    Moo moos are what we called t-shirt nighties back in Australia. I believe the term historically refers to loose Hawaii attire. I don’t think the sleepwear in London is “crappy” at all, but I don’t think we’re as spoilt for choice here as I was back home, surprisingly.

    Have you checked out Peter’s range? What do you think?

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