Trend alert: holiday brow extensions

By Hannah Silverman

Before jet-setting to an exotic location of choice, any traveller worth their selfie knows it’s important to prepare and pamper. But when it comes to the high maintenance of this season’s bold and beautiful brows, well, let’s just say Audrey Hepburn was lucky she had a beauty team on her Roman Holiday.

As for those of you in London, we’ve found a way to guarantee your eyebrows remain on trend throughout your travels.

2013 marked the return of retro glamour brows. You know, the kind that famously framed the peepers of Hollywood royalty including Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe. Today full brows are the statement of the season and a nod to style queens Cara Delevingne and Kate Middleton who have (thankfully) detoured from the over-plucking of the 1990s.

But before you can say “too much work”, in a UK first Lash Bar have introduced eyebrow extension treatments.

Lash Bar managing director Beverly Piper tells us since its launch last month, brow extensions have become a must for an increasing number of clients.

“The trend for fuller brows piqued our interest to begin with, and therefore, the client demand for a treatment to make eyebrows fuller seemed like a no-brainer,” she says.

“Big, bold brows are currently on trend, so it’s a very sought after treatment at the moment.”

Lash Bar’s co-managing director Christina Jenkins explains the extensions last for between one to two weeks making it ideal for perfect brows while travelling.

“The adhesive is comfortable and flexible, allowing you to soak up the sun, swim the sea and engage in any activity on holiday,” she says.

“You can also leave the pencils and powder at home which is also more convenient while on holiday.”

I must admit, I was excited about the eye lash extension trend a few years ago, but baulked at the last minute worrying it would affect those that I have. My reaction to eyebrow extensions attracted a similar response, however Christina assures us the process is safe and personalised.

“The synthetic eyebrow hairs are attached to either the skin or the existing fine hairs in order to create a tailor-made eyebrow fit to the client’s requirements,” she says.

“The adhesive is gentle and will not affect the natural brow hairs.”

Tucked behind the vibrant Carnaby Street, the salon, on Marshall Street, specialises in brows and lashes and is easy to discover as a traveller with a Google map.

Eyebrow extensions at Lash Bar start from £25.

For more information about eyebrow extension explore the Lash Bar website here.

Have you tried eyebrow extensions? Do you want to?


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