Eye spy with my little eye… London

By Hannah Silverman

The London Eye isn’t a new thing. So familiar are we all with it by now that I don’t need to tell you it’s a 135m rotating icon with 32 capsules each providing views as far as Windsor Castle. I also don’t need to tell you the London Eye carries3.5millionpassengerseveryyearandtooksevenyearstobuild BREATHE and it’sthefourthtallestLondonstructurebehindtheBTTowerTower42andOneCanadaSquareinCanaryWharf, because you would know that, too.

But what I want to share is this incredible photo by London photographer extraordinare, Steven Morris.


Steven joined us on The Eye, or the Millennium Wheel if you like longer, more complicated titles, last night for a Christmas treat thanks to the little elves at the place I call work. It was the bells and whistles experience complete with a private pod, glasses of Champagne Pommery and even some marinated olives on a stick. For half an hour we toured the London skyline admiring the picturesque views of London by night including Big Ben, The Shard, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. In fact the only thing I couldn’t see was Australia. Ok, that’s a lie. I also couldn’t see the North Pole.

As iconic and, dare I type it, clichéd, as the London Eye is, it’s a magical experience, made all the more sparkly by the fairy lights of Christmas present. It was my second time on board and while I agree with my earlier criticisms that the rotation is over mighty quickly, it’s probably the easiest ticket to the most comprehensive views of London, and, with a glass of bubbles, it’s certainly the most luxurious.


Here’s me in all my Pommery-filled glory. See, I was really there – but I didn’t need to tell you that, because no doubt you already knew that, too.

These images were published with the permission of my good friend Steven Morris, www.stevenmorris.com.


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