Fit for travel

By Hannah Silverman

The modern traveller is one of eclectic tastes and varied motivations. We travel with friends, family and lovers and we do it in search of culture, history, shopping, sport or humanity. But more than ever before we’re also travelling to get active and not just for the sake of justifying an extra macaron. Today we’re gallivanting across the globe to practice yoga under the Tuscan Sun as much as we are to eat, pray and love.

The Fitness Travel Company is an organisation that cottoned on to this trend pretty quick smart. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Robert Tynan says he set up shop because today’s travellers want it all. This is how you do it…

Byron Bay Rainforest Adventure Tour.
Byron Bay Rainforest Adventure Tour.

His company The Fitness Travel Company was established just 18 months ago to specifically combine “successful fitness with exotic, intriguing destination”. It’s about bringing back energy into the way people travel while creating adventures for those seeking a rounded, active experience.

“From the Baby Boomers right up to the youth who volunteer for their Gap year with groups like Project Trust, todays traveller seem to know more, to expect more and desire to be challenged during their time off,” Robert says.

“Well, to clarify for at least one vacation a year, the modern traveller wants a challenge, they want to be immersed in cultures, learn about gastronomy and proactively be involved in ecotourism.”

It’s a shift Robert says has redefined the word luxury.

“Luxury used to be in fluffy pillows and elaborate decor, now luxury is in the experience, the modern educated traveller is after the experiential.” 

As a guest on The Fitness Travel Company, travellers can chose their own adventure or select from a set date group departure. Prior to travel, meetings are arranged, fitness levels assessed and training sessions scheduled. 

As an adventure company they also encourage travellers to immerse themselves in the local culture, as well as enjoy the fitness regime.

“Every experience is different, often the morning pre-breakfast will involve outdoor functional fitness training and after that it depends on place. What happens in Mexico may be different to what happens in Thailand,” Robert says.

“You could be whale shark diving one day and mountain biking the next. We cater for every fitness level and we send escorts with every departure.”

As gruelling as these intense-sounding programmes sound, Robert assures us it’s not bootcamp.

“It’s an adventure travel experience with fitness sprinkled in.”

For more information about the Fitness Travel Company visit:

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