The London Thing

Welcome to my new section, The London Thing. This sparkly little page is proudly brought to you by Hannah Silverman, moi, from a London icon, market, coffee shop, museum, or a lounge room in London Town, maybe – or maybe not – near you. It’s all about things in London, but you probably figured that out on your own, you clever little traveller.

I moved to London in January 2013 and is now bringing you some highlights from her exciting discoveries around London. There is so much more to London than Big Ben and The Eye – I know, I’ve wowed you already – and that’s the thing about London, there’s always something. Whether it’s tricks or treats, or surprises off the beaten High Street, this section is a fun snapshot of London life. Enjoy x

I’d love to know your thoughts. Drop me a line or three at or tweet me @notinkansastrvl

Me doing, well, the London Thing.
Me doing, well, The London Thing.

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