Material girls at Yaly Couture (Vietnam)

By Hannah Silverman 

When you walk inside Yaly Couture you feel like an instant celebrity. In fact, it almost has a Pretty Woman vibe about it because you’re stepping into a room where your fashion fantasies come true as you make magic with your own personal stylist and tailor.

Yaly Couture is one of the more prestigious design houses in Vietnam’s fashion capital, Hoi An. With thousands of colours, fabrics and catalogues at your fingertips, the tailors will single handedly design, fit and create, well, anything you can run through a sewing machine. Maybe more.

Hoi An, Vietnam.
Hoi An, Vietnam.

And you don’t need a Hollywood budget to get the A-List treatment. I ordered three pieces and spent less than $250AU.

I did my research before I arrived, selecting a coat I adored from home that I wanted remade and printing off my own scrapbook of celebrity outfits. Although I wasn’t in the market for an Oscar ready ball gown, if you’ve got an event on your social calendar coming up these guys can put you in Versace, Chanel or Missoni lookalikes. Maybe even something of your own creation, you clever thing, you.

The remake of the coat I bought from home underwent a colour change and I subtly tweaked the design to my liking. It was fitted and adjusted and after two days I walked away with what’s still one of my favourite winter fashion pieces. The only issue with this experience was that I had to lug around my original coat throughout the trip, and lets face it, a coat is pretty redundant in South-East Asia. When packing make sure you allocate some space for your new purchases or consider sending some home early.

Next, after flicking through their extensive catalogues, I spontaneously chose a unique looking coat. It’s been nicknamed the mullet coat because it’s shorter at the front and longer behind. I was then courted through the store with a Vietnamese staffer to choose my colour and material and my measurements were taken to ensure the perfect fit. The verdict wasn’t so hot on this one, mainly because I chose a fabric that didn’t perform the way the material on the model did. If you’re picking a new design try and match the fabric exactly to the picture you’re imitating otherwise it might not mirror your intention.

Finally, as an impulse buy, I bought a pair of three-quarter black pants for work. These looked fabulous on… for a month. Then I lost my holiday weight. My tip here is to measure yourself before you leave so that if you eat one too many Vietnamese crispy fried pancakes, you won’t accidentally buy a size that’s not compatible with your usual figure.

Yaly Couture isn’t the only fashion house in Hoi An. In fact tailors seem to be everywhere and it’s a matter of trial and error. Good luck and enjoy!

Have you had something made overseas? Hot or not?


4 thoughts on “Material girls at Yaly Couture (Vietnam)

  1. Ohhhh sounds wonderful. I have sooo many items of favourite clothing in my wardrobe, that I now can’t fit into 😦 To have them remade and in colours of my own choosing, and fabrics would be totally awesome
    Any places for shoes? 🙂

  2. Loved reading about your experience at Yaly Couture!

    I had a dress made there in December 2012 and had a fabulous time selecting the fabrics and seeing my vision come alive. My fiance’s impulse buy was a pair of custom suede shoes, which we agreed they completed with greater skill, more so than the many other shoe shops throughout Hoi An.

    Great to reflect with your “Pretty Woman” reference!

    1. Hi Soil and Thread,

      Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m glad you and your fiance had an amazing time at Yaly Couture, too. What kind of dress did you have made? Safe travels!

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