Avoid looking plain on the plane

By Hannah Silverman

Airports are fascinating places. Not only do they sizzle with emotion, passion and excitement, but you never know who you’re going to meet in transit. It’s a place for first and lasting impressions. Whether you’re off to your neighbouring state for a domestic getaway or doing a global 180, comfort and style can co-exist and the celebrity stylists at The Style Agency can prove it.

The ladies at The Style Agency list Megan Gale, The Veronicas and Katrina Roundtree among their extensive A-List clients. We got the scoop from its creative director and personal stylist Bridgette Kirk and celebrity and personal stylists Kash O’Hara and Jo Shields.

Bridgette tells us there’s no need to prioritise comfort or style when dressing up for plane travel. She starts by advising travellers to wear their favourite pair of jeans in blue, black or dark denim. For obvious reasons, she says no to white and lights.

“Avoid white or light colours especially on long flights because turbulence can often cause things to spill or fall on you, also, you never know who you’re sitting next to,” Bridgette says.

“Try and find a denim with stretch content so that you feel comfortable on the plane. Sass & Bide, OHARA denim jeans or J-brand jeans are perfect as they have some stretch content.”

Bridgette suggests selecting a loose fitting top that’s comfortable, yet stylish.

A pashmina or scarf is also a must-invest option as it can double up as a blanket to keep you warm when the on-flight air-conditioning plays up.

“We also suggest wearing flat shoes – ballet flats or loafers are pefect – but pack a pair of socks to keep your feet warm should you not be flying business or first,” Bridgette says.
“Sambag or H-Brand have some great leather ballet flats at the moment and no brand can beat Todds for a comfy yet trendy pair of loafers for both men and women.”

Linen and excessive jewellery are other no nos.

“Avoid linen or anything that is easily creased and keep jewellery to a minimum too.”

Looking for inspiration? Kash points to the always polished Miranda Kerr – even with her travelling baby – as an airport style muse.

“She usually wears skinny jeans, ballet flats, a t-shirt and a blazer,” she says.
“Business and first class travellers have the air hostesses hang their jackets up for them to avoid creasing, so a jacket is a little harder to pull off if travelling in economy.

“However, don’t despair! Just opt for a jersey fabric and you too can look smart whilst disembarking and walking through the terminal after a long flight.”

In the glam department, natural beauty Jessica Alba doesn’t go overboard onboard, Jo says.

“She looks realistically comfortable and effortlessly cool in something simple like great sunglasses, a navy blazer, simple pendant, skinny jeans, an oversized bag, a cotton tee and ballet flats.”

The girls at The Style Agency know it’s also important psychologically to dress well on holiday.

“You never know who you will meet when you are away and you shouldn’t let your outfit stop you from getting into places like nice restaurants and trendy bars, talking to someone or even an upgrade on the plane,” Kash says.

“Upgrades are rare these days but someone dressed smartly over someone wearing trackies or shorts and thongs will always prevail.”

So, what have we learnt?

  • Go for dark, stretchy pants or jeans
  • Select a dark coloured loose fitting top
  • Pack a pashmina or scarf, style + warmth = win
  • Ballet flats or loafers are the pick of the shoe bunch
  • Think about creasability before it’s too late
  • Wear minimum makeup, your bangle might be on trend but your neighbour might think it’s a pain in the… arm
  • Get first class fashion on economy budget by choosing comfy, crease free designs, eg swap suit-style blazers for jersey
  • Dress up to get up, you just never know your luck

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